About Marie

Artist Teacher

Marie is an artist teacher that is constantly exploring and learning through her work as an artist and former middle school art teacher. Since leaving the classroom, Marie continues to stay connected to art education through her work at Catholic University as a Research/Teaching Assistant. Marie is influenced by nature and the colors, texture, shapes and patterns she finds throughout it. She also enjoys trying different mediums and exploring many different materials to gain a better understanding of the natural world, making her a forever student of her craft.

She began pursing art at Tyler School of Art where she received her Bachelor of Art, concentrating in printmaking. Marie wanted to share her passion of art in the classroom so she pursued her k-12 art certification from Rosemont College. Since receiving her certification in 2007, Marie has taught middle school school art for 12 years and earned her Masters of Art Education through Boston University. Currently, she is finishing up her Teaching Africa Teaching Certification through the African Studies Program at BU and working on a grant studying art education in the United States, Norway and Brazil.

Besides creating art, Marie enjoys archery, hanging with her two amazing children, making frames with her partner Nic, and walking her dog Beorn.